Why am I write in English?


This is 5 minutes blog.


Good morning.
These days, I am writing this blog in English. People who read my blog often ask me, “Why do you write in English?” So, in today’s blog post, I’ll explain the reason.


I can’t speak, hear, write, or read English well. But living in Japan is no problem for me. So, I haven’t studied English until this point.


But, recently I have a dream. I want to do business in foreign country. Many countries love music from animations and games. If I can speak English, I will have more business opportunities.


Business English is tough for me. So, I wanna start using English in my everyday life first. I guess have to use English whether I like it or not.


So, I’ve decided to set a rule for myself. I’m going to write this blog in English.



When I write the blog, I’ll need an English teacher to help me out. My teacher is Chat GPT.


At first, I’ll write the blog by myself. After that, I’ll ask Chat GPT to check the text for me. Then, Chat GPT will teach me the correct version. Finally, I’ll rewrite the text to make it right.


After writing my blog, I’m going to go for a jog. While jogging, I’ll listen to a podcast that’s in English only.



This is how I study English every morning.



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