Minori Chihara’ Live


Yesterday, I attended Minori Chihara’s concert held at Kawaguchiko area. The concert venue was a parking area located very close to Kawaguchiko.


The concert was truly amazing as it featured fireworks, making it a super live event! One of the highlight was a machine that elevated Minori Chihara during her performance. She sang for about thirty to forty minutes, creating a fantastic concert experience.


What made this concert even more special was that it was free! The audience didn’t have to pay any money to enjoy the show.


Towards the end of the concert, Minori announced her next performance, which will take place on August 3 to 4, 2024, at the Kawaguchiko Stella Theater. This venue holds significant importance for Minori, her fans, and of course, for me as well.



When Minori closed from her singing career, I felt a sense of loneliness. Could I have done more for her?

I decided that if she were to make a comeback as a singer, I would do even greater support than before.



The reason why I had such a good feeling during the concert is that Minori’s singing is a source of inspiration and strength for me, of course for her fans. I deeply understand the power her music holds in our life.



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