The most difficult thing is finding a clear answer.


Good morning.


What is the most difficult thing? I guess it’s not having a clear answer. For example it’s in your life, in your business, and so on.


We encounter situation that require great answers, but the path to achieving our goals is unclear. We are often told to provide quick answers, but we can’t seem to find the right way. The clear answer is often expected early on, but we can’t come up with it quickly, so we are worried.


The clear answer will be found in something close to you. However, because it’s too close, we might not notice it. Every day, we seek and ponder it diligently, and we need to do this for a long time. By consistently thinking about it every day and investing a considerable amount of time, we will eventually discover the way to get a clear answer.


Maybe you feel like these are challenging days. You need to persevere, but sometimes you also need to take a break. The important thing is to understand that it’s like a long-distance run. You should consider what you need to keep maintaining, and you must maintain a positive attitude.



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