The talking at the stage of movie theater


Good morning.


Yesterday, I participated in a stage event at the Shinjuku Piccadilly movie theater. I was joined by Kurosawa-san, TURE-san, and Torigoe-san. We discussed the movie “Sound! Euphonium – in ensemble contest.” Nagao-san was the event’s MC.


We had two opportunities to be on stage. Kurosawa-san was a good navigator. When she began speaking, the atmosphere was very pleasant. TRUE-san talked about her song titled “ensemble,” which is the theme song of this movie. She wrote the lyrics for it and has also written lyrics for the “Sound! Euphonium” series. Her lyrics play a signification role in the animation, and I really admire her work.


Torigoe-san was an excellent speaker. He discussed how he created the sound for the wind orchestra in the movie. His speech was smooth and fluent. He mentioned that he was nervous, but on stage, he did a fantastic job. He also added humor to his speech, like putting pressure on Ishikura-kun, who plays the euphonium.


Of course, I also talked about the movie. My goal was to maintain the “Sound! Euphonium” vibe. I believe it was a success, thanks to the contributions of many talented individuals.


As a result, we had a wonderful time and provided an enjoyable experience for the audience.







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