Hawaiian Vibes with True-san


Good morning.


Yesterday, I participated a talk event about the movie “Sound! Euphonium – in ensemble contest.” Some other people also participated, including True-san.


Everyone dressed up in costumes to appear in front of the audience. I chose to wear an aloha shirt, which had a simple design. It looked really nice.


My skin got tanned from the sun during the summer because I’ve been running for about 80 minutes every day.

With my sun-kissed skin and the cool aloha shirt, I felt like belonged in Hawaii. In other words, I looked like someone who has lived in Hawaii for a long time. 


True-san was wonderful dressed. She jokingly said her costumes was a bit eccentric. When True-san and I stood together, it felt like we were in a Hawaiian paradise.


It was a wonderful memory with a touch of aloha spirit!



■Time Capsule Orchestraのトークライブ(2023年6月17日開催)「TALK de BURN」がstand.fmにて有料配信!




音楽熱想フェス in 河口湖2023、各公演のチケットが発売中!9月9日昼は丁さんライブ9月9日夜はSUDOMIYAライブ9月10日昼は音楽熱想トークライブ(曜日パーソナリティ全員集合)。9月10日夜はTime Capsule Orchestraのアコースティックライブ


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