Planning My Next Trip


Good morning.


I just came back from my summer break a few days ago, and now I’m planning my next trip. But this time, it’s not just for fun—it’s for work!


In November, I’m going to New York, and in February 2024, I’ll be in Paris.


Guess what? New York is quite expensive! Especially the hotels. Our company is small, so paying a lot for a hotel is a big problem. But if I choose a cheap hotel, it might not be safe and clean. New York is not as safe as Tokyo, so I have to be careful. I decided to pick a good hotel, even if it costs more.


I also looked at plane tickets. They are expensive too, especially to New York. But here’s the cool part: I found that going to Paris is cheaper than going to New York. Instead of a direct flight, I’m going for a flight with a stop. That is “transit.” That way, I can save money  on my way to Paris.


Planning a trip is fun, but it’s not easy. It really makes my brain work!


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