Everyone want to know about the future a lot.


Good morning.


Sometimes I think that most people are very curious about the future. Even if you’re currently in the process of developing an idea for your future plans, people around you may keep asking about them. You might say that you’re still working on it and ask them to wait, but they’ll still be quite eager to know your plans.


If the people around you switch roles and become the ones being asked, they might not want to talk about their future plans either. However, if they switch roles again, they’ll want to know your plans eagerly. If you share your one -month future plan, they’ll soon be interested in your two-month plan. If you mention your plans for three months ahead, they’ll inquire about four months. Their curiosity about your future seems endless.


People around you should try to be patient and relaxed. What they really need to do is wait with a relaxed attitude.



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