Lake Kawaguchi is coming soooooon!!


Good morning.


Have you notice that the event day is very close? When you sleep 9days, you can join us at Lake Kawaguchi for the “Ongaku Nesso Festival 2023 in Lake Kawaguchi.” It will take place on Semtember 9th and 10th.


The start of the event is only 9days away! That’s just one week and 2days!


Have you get your ticket? You can still purchase tickets! I recommend getting tickets for all the shows. The festival will have 4 performance, but if you can’t attend all of them, at the very least, you should get a ticket for a 2-day visit to Lake Kawaguchi.


I believe this festival isn’t just about attending concerts; it’s also an opportunity to enjoy traveling to Lake Kawaguchi town. I strongly recommend participating in this festival while staying at an inn, whether it’s a hotel, a private home(minshuku), camping, or something else.


This festival is a journey that you and we will share! Let’s join in on this festival!



■Time Capsule Orchestraのトークライブ(2023年6月17日開催)「TALK de BURN」がstand.fmにて有料配信!




音楽熱想フェス in 河口湖2023、各公演のチケットが発売中!9月9日昼は丁さんライブ9月9日夜はSUDOMIYAライブ9月10日昼は音楽熱想トークライブ(曜日パーソナリティ全員集合)。9月10日夜はTime Capsule Orchestraのアコースティックライブ


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